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Admission to The Heritage College

Students who have completed at least five years of primary school education are welcome to apply for admission to the THC. All applicants write an entrance examination and are interviewed. Applicants’ parents and guardians may also be interviewed either by phone or in person before a final decision is made. The class size is limited to 30. The place of pupils that do not accept the offer of admission before deadline are passed to those on waiting list.

THC will as a principle make all reasonable efforts to avoid expelling any student that has been enrolled. As much as possible a student will be helped to find their best talents and assisted to develop such talents. However, a student whose continued presence in the College will have grave negative influence on the positive development of other members of the community will be required to leave the College after due process has been exhausted. Application forms are available (Download) and can be submitted to the College at any time of the year. Entrance examinations for admission are also conducted periodically and applicants are welcome to select the one that suits them best (Download).

School fees

THC works at ensuring that the cost going to school is not additional to the cost of clothing, medical and meals that they would normally provide to the child at home. Parents and guardians are responsible for uniforms, and other apparels, medical and a mid-day meal. The cost of books and transport is kept affordable through a borrow-return scheme books and subsidy for transport.

Students in the upper secondary will be encouraged and supported to own and ride bicycle to school. CHF currently bears the cost of learning. THC seeks support from partners, philanthropists, individuals and donors for meeting cost of recruiting and keeping top class educators in its employment.

In 2018/2019 session, students paid N29,000 for borrow-return books, medical, and sports and games. We intend to keep this cost low and to introduce value-addition to learning in agriculture and handiwork as we solicit gifts and donations of any kind from individuals and corporations.