People Need People


Center for Compassion and Care for the Elderly

A CHF-supported American intern from Emory University carried out a study on elderly people in Nigeria. We noted that the breakdown of “care reciprocation”, a system where parents invest in their children who in turn take care of the former in old age had left the elderly lonely, neglected and in some cases, abandoned. The public health system does not include elderly care. Most elderly people prefer the calmness of the rural villages where they pass the time in the house of the chief or other elderly person.

In the Ajowa community, a philanthropist whose house has served such purpose for several years donated his 6-room house to CHF before he passed on at the age of 94 years to be used for elderly care.

CHF has renovated the house as a recreational centre. The centre currently serves as a meeting place for the elderly care in the Ajowa community of Ondo State Nigeria. CHF is looking forward to providing basic health service for the elderly at the centre, as well as finding equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers for the frail and fragile, providing a meal-a-day, counseling, and laundry services. CHF is only able to provide services for forty-two elderly (minimum age 72 years, oldest 95 years, 31 women widows) that are most in need of the support we are able to give.