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Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition which was introduced in 2014 is the newest addition to our programmes. It is planned as an integrated programme that will enhance Education Access, Health and Elderly Care while empowering the community.

The Common Heritage Foundation (CHF) collaborates with similar organisations to improve food and nutrition in vulnerable population groups particularly children (under five, school-age) and women (pregnant, lactating) and geriatrics. CHF collaborates in the training of service providers for the delivery of vitamin A to under-five children, deworming medicines to school-age children in addition to meal-a-day to the most vulnerable in rural community-focused Junior High Schools.

CHF is currently seeking partnership to support women and single peasant farmer-parents in their farming activities in exchange for their sending such children to schools and allowing them to participate fully in school activities. CHF is also exploring opportunities to provide nutritious meal to the fragile members of rural communities in addition to series of seminars and education that will increase food production at low cost while improving the quality of nutritious food that the most vulnerable members of the community consume.