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The Institute of International Education (IIE) with funding from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) selected the Common Heritage Foundation (CHF) to host a Maternal Health Young Champion in Nigeria and Professor Oladele Akogun as mentor to the Young Champion.

The Maternal Health Young Champions (MHYC) program was designed to support young leaders who are passionate about lowering maternal mortality through new and innovative practices that help save women’s lives. Every minute, a woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth. To reduce maternal mortality and morbidity over the long-term, emerging public health leaders need to be equipped with the skills, commitment, and vision to respond fully to multiple causes and consequences of this threat. It is with this goal in mind that the MHYC program was designed. In 2013, a cohort of 10 young people will receive this prestigious fellowship to support their development as a leader in the field of maternal health. Each Young Champion will design and implement a research or field project during the course of the internship, which will contribute to improving maternal health outcomes for women in their country.
According to IIE MHYC Director the Common Heritage Foundation was “selected as a host institution and mentor in Nigeria because of your deep commitment to maternal health, the excellent reputation of your work, and our belief that you have the commitment to support and mentor a Young Champion, sharing your time, knowledge, skills and networks, during the nine-month internship period.” Of course CHF remains ever committed having just concluded a research on maternal nutrition in Northeastern Nigeria in collaboration with Emory University [Amy Webb-Girard, Cynthia Dzingina, Oladele Akogun, John B. Mason and Deborah A. McFarland. 2012. Public health interventions, barriers, and opportunities for improving maternal nutrition in Northeast Nigeria. Food and Nutrition Bulletin, vol. 33, Supplement 1 June 2012, pp. 51-70 (20) ]
“The Maternal Health Young Champions team at IIE is excited to work with you and your Young Champion” concludes the letter.

MHYC fellow at CHF
The Program Director of MHYC for Nigeria, Dr Yashua Hamza Alkali in launching the program in Nigeria praised…….

Olufunbi MHYC fellow at CHF
• The profile
• What does she expect to gain from the 9month period

Bowl and Spoon project with Emory University
• Aim
• Objectives
• Program initiator
• Beneficiary: interns, etc

Profile of Staff and associates
• Adedoyin Adesina
• Sani Njobdi

Global Helminth Control Group
• Principal Scientist appointed to the global group

CHF Staff receives fellowship
• Adedoyin receives the IIDP fellowship
• Sani obtains MSc Tropical Public Health
• JAB appointed Associate Professor of Parasitology

Labour and productivity
• MSU collaboration and UEA