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Training and Capacity Strengthening

In 1997, CHF commissioned the development of formal training for health workers leading to Diploma in tropical health and disease control hosted by the Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola Nigeria. CHF spearheaded its subsequent upgrade to the Bachelor’s degree programme, the first in Nigeria. Over 1,300 health personnel have received direct formal CHF training in community mobilization, health administration, advocacy, development of work plans, record keeping, project budgeting and implementation. CHF has also complemented this through training programmes for 170 traditional healers in Taraba State for hygienic healing practices particularly the management of malaria, lymphatic filariasis diagnosis, and morbidity at the community level. Experiences and knowledge in the techniques of grassroots community participation that are acquired from direct contact with communities are transferred to students through our Global Internship Opportunity. The internship programmes accommodate Nigerian graduate and American MPH and medical students annually.Since 2001, CHF has regularly provided opportunities for interns to acquire skills for community participation at the grass root. Emory University, Johns Hopkins University as well as several Nigerian universities take advantage of these opportunities to study grass root community participation skills. CHF is a mentoring organization to the Harvard School of Public Health Initiative, Maternal Health Young Champions (MHYC), for training young health professions to take up challenging and creative careers in maternal health. CHF has a wide range of network among communities, community leaders, community organizations, and local, state and federal government agencies responsible for infectious diseases intervention, maternal and child health, schooling and learning, access of the socially and geographically marginalized to services, using community participation strategies. These networks, research and intervention opportunities are available to interns from within Nigeria and elsewhere with interest in research for development.