Bridging the Gap: Transforming Evidence into Action

CHF is a non-profit organization established in 1999 to address the gap between evidence and its application into policy and practice against absolute poverty, ignorance, and disease in the African community.

Our Research for Policy and Practice Activities are directed to supporting decision-makers, implementers, and service providers. CHF has worked in all regions of Nigeria, particularly in Northern Nigeria where despite abundant resources, is disproportionately behind all other regions in all human development indices.

What we do

At CHF, we conduct pioneering research, empower stakeholders through capacity strengthening, and foster collaboration through engaging partnerships. Leveraging evidence optics, we communicate insights effectively, driving policy change and positive impact.

Events & Engagements

CHF actively engages in transformative events, amplifying our impact on health, education, and community development across the globe.

Organizations we have worked with