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CHF Team presents findings at the 2023 Annual ERICC Conference in Abuja, Nigeria

On May 11 and 12 July 2023, the CHF team that pioneered the country scan process in the ERICC consortium was at the ERICC Annual conference to present some of its findings to a large audience in Hawthorn suite, Abuja. The conference drew partners from Syria, South Sudan while those from Lebanon, Myanmar, and Bangladesh joined virtually.

ERICC Nigeria Day

The Nigerian day had presence of stakeholders such World bank, PLANE, UNICEF, OTL, FMoE, NEMIS, CSCACEFA, State based stakeholders, FCDO and consortium partners.

IRC officials at the CHF Office

Officials of the International Rescue Committee, the lead partner on the ERICC project, visited the Common Heritage Foundation Office during their stay in Nigeria for the ERICC conference. It was a great time of shared knowledge and experience for both teams.

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