Education in Conflict and protracted Crisis (ERICC) - sponsored by FCDO

ERICC is funded FCDO funded project with focus on how children in conflict and crisis areas can have access to quality education on a continuous basis without inference in their learning process. ERICC is a multi- country project with the Consortium led by International Rescue Committee. Partners on the project include:

ü  Nigeria (Common Heritage Foundation and Oxford Policy Management)

ü  Jordan  (Queen Raina Foundation)

ü  South Sudan (Forcier Consulting)

ü  Syria  (Osman Consulting)

ü  Lebanon  (Centre for Lebanese Studies)


ü  Bangladesh/Myanmar  (Innovations for Poverty Action)

CHF single handedly carried out the Nigeria Country Scan of the ERICC project in 2022 which resulted to the Research agenda for the main implementation of the project. 

Nutrition - sponsored by Vitamin Angels

CHF through our expertise in training and capacity building have been training service providers (health workers) across the Nigeria on to administer Vitamin A supplement, deworming tablets and Multiple Micronutrients Supplements effectively and efficiently. CHF has over the years and still training in 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria. 

Past Projects of CHF

The Common Heritage Foundation with its expertise in research has over
the years received more than 50 research grants and implemented more than 100
development research projects both in Education and Health. Below are few of
past projects of CHF:


  • How can the Community Directed Intervention be applied to major health problems in Taraba State? A multi-country study – sponsored by WHO/TDR (2005-2007)
  • How can Maternal and Child Nutrition Outcomes be improved in Taraba State? – sponsored by EMORY/Gates Foundation (2009-2011)
  • How can the response to Gender-based Violence in Nigeria be Strengthened? – sponsored by Pathfinder International (2019)
  • How can an effective teacher be identified, recruited and deployed? Sponsored by EDOREN/OPM/FCDO – 2016
  • What is the role of a Robotic Health Assistant in the rational management of fever among Nomads? Sponsored by Gates Foundation GCE (2019)


Ready to launch- a device that will revolutionize nomad health

Our Research are published and they inform Policies

At Common Heritage Foundation, we do not keep or dump our findings, we disseminate them!