A mixed method approach for the assessment of demand creation intervention strategy for polio eradication on exclusive breast feeding in Northern Nigeria

This study found that “community entertainment and incentives were an effective strategy for increasing participation and compliance with OPV campaigns in Northern Nigeria. The involvement of the same local health personnel for the promotion of exclusive breast feeding and polio eradication campaigns at the community reinforced and complemented both health interventions.

The use of OPV+ campaign for reinforcing EBF messages increased EBF awareness and could be extended to other interventions.” The researchers suggest that a comparison of the nutritional status of children receiving the OPV+ incentive with those receiving OPV without incentive, as well as an assessment of the influence of the strategy on child-friendly health facilities, could be a valuable complement to the present study.

The results of the study were shared with a cross-section of the stakeholder community (the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), WHO, Federal Ministry of Health), which recommended further use of the incentives approach to target areas with persistent low OPV uptake.

Partners/funders: World Health Organisation and Federal Ministry of Health