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Education Technology in the Covid 19 response in Nigeria

Between April and August 2020, the Common Heritage Foundation with funding support from ODI investigated education technology in the Covid 19 response in Nigeria. 

The long duration of school closures caught Nigerian education stakeholders unprepared in many ways: many federal policies recognise the application of technology in education delivery, but not for e-learning at basic education level…the prolonged school closures highlighted regional differences in the application of technology to learning. The transition from one scenario to the other depended on state resources and education plans. 

Citation: Akogun, I., Olojede, O., Adesina, A., & Akogun, O. (2020). Education technology
in the COVID-19 response in Nigeria. Case study. EdTech Hub. https://edtechhub. org. 

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licenses/by/4.0/. 

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